Plunder Cats, HO!


Willy’s last day. Sad panda.
Here is the next. Jumping into things, you you catch up with “Milksop” Morton and proceed to ram the ship,Dryad’s Grave, as soon as possible! Fighting “Milksop” you deal with his illusions as well as his animated ship’s figurehead. At the end of the fight you received Milksop’s Ring of the Iron Skull. In addition you receive:
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Ring of protection 1
scroll of fly
cloak of resistance +1
spell book-all 0 level + 4 level 1 + 4 level 2
4 level 3+ 4 level 4
2 points of plunder (ships arsenal and personal positions)

Using the Ring of the Iron Skull you use the remains of Vargus to find the resting place of his ship called Brine Banshee.

At the Brine Banshee you find the ship in two pieces. One piece is protected by a merfold druid who you fight fought with his three sharks. You get:
+2 trident
bracers of armor +2
ornament worth 120 gp
decorative shell worth 75gp
and 95gp

The group began to search the first part of the ship. Along the way the group found:
potion of slip stream
156pp, 1486gp, 3172 sp and 781 cp
and 1 point of plunder
silver sextant worth 1000gp

After exploring the top part of the ship, the second part of the ship was much deeper in the cold dark of the sea. You cast several spells to keep yourselves alive. Along the way you fought a Giant charda. In the second part of the ship you began to explore. You found:
wand of gust fo wind 6 charges
Taldan silverware worth 450
bloodstone chess set worth
6 light ballista bolts (+1 distance adamantine)
potino of cure moderate wounds

You also killed a anemone with bones and

Lastly you fought an aboleth and found
3 points of blunder

As an extra special mission you went to the Naga coast and helped Sarlis, a naga, in her strugles with Munarei, another naga.

Good job team!



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