Plunder Cats, HO!

August 23, 2013

After the events of the last session, all the characters continued exploring the former Cyclopes’s base. At the base, you found a room with a large inner-room that looked like an eye. To enter Toof blinded himself with a drug. After enter the room, you were attacked by large zombie cyclops while being attacked by the Dreamstone. Continuing your exploration, you found a few storerooms full of gear. From this point, the characters entered the main courtyard and made a room by room search of the fort. In the kitchen, you found several cyclopes and in a stunning move, decided to befriend them. The cyclopes agreed to work for you in exchange for food as they are starving in on the island, but you had to clear a horrible monster out of the base first. You went into a room full of bones and fought a giant trapper. After beating it, you explored the rest of the base and then meet a marid who offered you each a wish in exchange for her freedom. Agreeing to this, you continued and then made peace with the Gargolyes. You then used the teleportation ring to go back to the human fort and contacted the phase spiders to meet with the former owner of the Dreamstone. When she appeared, she insulted the group and you decided to kill her. After killing her, you went back to the human fort, and let the ghost mage enter Butterbeard’s body to open the portal to the realm of dreams. With the ghost gone, the human fort is pacified and the Cyclopes are now friendly and will serve you. You took two days to do this. Time is slipping away, but you still have over 80 days to ready the island for the arrival of the other Pirates.
Items Found:
5 Wishes
Large +2 dagger
Sumithen coins worth 2,500gp
Irthvaval Incense x 7
net of snaring
pear of power-level 3
rod ow wonder
potion of neutralize poison,
scroll of divination
wand of summon monster IV-23 charges remaining
gold necklace-500gp
+1 glamered elven chain
bag of holding (type II)
gloves of swimming and climbing
helm of comprehend languages and read magic
oil of magic weapon
potion of lesser restoration
scroll of control water
scroll of displacement
ruby-studded scepter worth 400 gp
silver tea set worth 75 gp
gold ring worth so gp
2x diamonds worth 500 gp each
3x sapphires worth 250 gp each
8x fire opals worth 100 gp each
12 x aquamarines worth 5o gp each
1,754 gp
2, 319 sp
6, 438 cp
cloak of resistance +2
headband of mental prowess +2 (Charisma, Intelligence, Bluff),
spellbook, which contains all of his prepared spells, and all o-level spells, plus additional spells of your choice from 1st to 5th level-I will post later



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