Plunder Cats, HO!

July 25th

In the last game, the PCs went through a magical portal to explore another area. The group went through a portal and fought several statues. After fighting the statues, the group moved south and found a giant cyclops who beat the group and killed Butterbeard. Butterbead was resurrected by Thay via reincarnation and became a human. This took two days. After this time, the group returned to the cyclops and found several smaller cyclops and their sleeping pallets. After this room, the group moved south and found several cyclops training under the tutelage of a female cyclops

. Finnaly, the crew moved north trough the teleportation room and ending at G19. The group stopped when it felt several waves of negative energy….
It is the 12th of Sarenith, you have less then three months…
Found items-
Large masterwork hide armor
large masterwork heavy spiked wooden shield
large +1 battleaxe
Large masterwork heavy crossbow w/10 bolts
Potion of cure serious wounds X 2
large +1 hide armor
large +1 greatclub



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