Plunder Cats, HO!

November 1st, 2013

Today was island cleaning.
Having returned from a long trip and slaughtering several Cheliaxians, you return to your island. You had 70 days to prepare for the Pirate Lords to arrive. You went to the swamp, where you killed a giant snake. Next you went to the eastern lagoon where you found giant crab spawning pits and a smashed harbor. You quickly ran away from these. Going South you found palm tree Ents. After promising to never cut a tree down, you continued south until you found a Sea Nymph. She was friendly and you left her alone. to the south you found a sunken ship that you looted. Then you continued to make plans for how to fix the island. The druid used handle animal to befriend the triceratops on this island giving himself a mount. You now have 69 days to ready the island.

I would like to remind you about a sunken ship/treasure vault you had heard about to the south west.



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