Plunder Cats, HO!

Red Tide & A.O.D.

The party stands in stunned silence at the ruin…..

The Rock gone
Ships gone
Friends gone
Family gone
Butterbeard: “Winry” … “Map”

The gnome cohort reaches into the bag of holding and unrolls the map of the Shackles which the captain glances over and points.

Butterbeard: “At best they are 2 days out…. most likely on their way back to Cheliax or the Devil’s Arches north of Port Peril. Either way they will be going thru this channel along the main coast and will be on the east side of Motaku Isle and still south of Senchu Bay. We may be able to reach them near Sarenvent if we sail out from the Eyes.”

He looks again at the carnage that they used to call home.

Butterbeard: “Thay and Galador commune and divine whatever you can as we have little time and need information.”

Butterbeard: “Winry, in a minute take me to the top of the Rock so we can see if there are ships on the horizon. There is a chance that they are not that far off and if so we may be doing this without a ship and getting back some of what we’ve lost by air rather than by sea. My cousin once told of me of another fine use for a bag of holding…”

The former dwarf turns back toward his adventuring group that brought him back from the dead…

Butterbeard: “Plunder cats – We have 2 wishes left… I do not believe we have the power to change this but there will be retribution. None of those that burned the Rock shall live much longer… the last of Butterbeard the Gold now has passed on… I am now Butterbeard the Black. These Cheliaxians shall bleed out until the shores of the shackles are caked in their blood….” sighs and looks over to Toof “…til the tide runs red…”

The Captain pauses…

Butterbeard: “The name Plunder Cats may no longer suit us….. as we have lost over half of us and I’m not feeling much like a pirate at the moment”

Winry: “Will we be informing the General that we may need to open the package? The Latverian commonwealth was technically attacked and citizens and families murdered.”

Butterbeard: “Yes. Tell Gozer … we are now…. at War.”

The captain glances at BimBap, his goblin barbarian follower adorned with a skull mask.

Butterbeard: "Perhaps “The Army of Darkness” would be a more fitting name for us now"



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