Plunder Cats, HO!

September 6th, 2013

With the Cheliax fort and Cyclopes strongholds cleared, the adventurers turned to clearing the island . First you went to the harpy’s cave. On your way there you encountered several cyclopes/harpy hybrids. These monsters tried to kill you, but you deftly killed them all. You still went to the top of there base and found the remains of their former meals ©. Then, the druid used his nature spells to learn about where other cyclopes could be living on the island (). In addition, the druid found that some triceratops were left in the dinosaur corral (D). You decided to leave them alone for the time being. However, you did go to (F), to meet with the remaining cyclopes and make a deal with them to join the rest of the group. You crossed the Great stone bridge (H), and made you way closer to the mountain Aerie of some pteranodons. Deciding to rest for the day you returned to the cyclopes base and used one of the remaining wishes to create a circle of transportation to The Rock. When you got there, you discovered that the place had been completely destroyed and that Sandra, Cusswell, and the Lady of the Rock had been killed along with most of their retinue. On the smoldering remains of the keep, you see an unfurled Cheliaxian flag…



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