Bikendi Otongu

Ghost of the Island of Empty eyes


Helped Ishtoreth with a ritual to enter the realm of dreams, but both double crossed the other. He has offered to take over a persons body when you have the dreamstone and will release the haunting of the Chelish fort. So far, no takers….
Bikendi otongu tim kings lynne web

Captain ButterBeard has been pondering his offer…. whether to sacrifice a crew member or take on the role himself.

Either that or plan C – call in an old favor from some friends of the Gray Gardners to banish Bikendi Otongu to a different place all together with trapping his soul in a final blade

Butterbeard is getting a little tired of multiple Phantasmal Killers.. HE HAS NO FEAR
(except perhaps for running out of good beer…. or lemonade with the cool straws)

Bikendi Otongu

Plunder Cats, HO! biotech66