Plunder Cats, HO!

Adventure Catchup

At the apathacary the Plundercats looted the place and fought a cat version of the displacer beast. You found:
potion of cure moderate wounds x 8
masterwork chain shirts x 8
1 cutlass x 8
masterwork composite longbow (
3 str) + 20 arrows x8
alchemical creations = 150gp
crystal glasses = 300gp
wine (50gp) x 5
color stones/quartz = 290gp
+1 mithral chain shirt
masterwork butterfly swords x 2
cloak of resistance +2
headband of vast intelligence +2(acrobatics)
alchemist’s kit
masterwork thieves’ tools
diamond dust = 500gp
id moss x 3
pouch of dried sassone leaves x 4
6 flasks of acid
four flasks of alchemist fire
viles of antitoxin x 2
smokesticks x 3
tanglefoot x 2
thunderstones x 4
salve of slipperiness
sovereign glue
unguent of timelessness
universal solvent x 5
cosmetics = 240gp
10pp, 47gp, 20sp
wardrobes = 360gp
jewery = 215gp
elixer of hiding
elixer of tumbling
elixer of vision
feather token
50pp, 100gp

formula book-
alchemical allocation
alter self
discern lies
dragon’s breath
keen senses
perceive clues
spider climb
undetectable alignment
water breathing

After this the players went on the DECIMATE the Free Captains’ Regatta winning:
The Island of Empty Eyes
4 points of disrepute
Silver-plated manacle


The players went to Port Peril and Jasperleaf Apothecary. The characters learned of a secret phrase and promptly decided not to use it. The characters snuck in at night and then awoke the guards. When confronted, the character bluffed the guards by using the password. When the guards went to get their leader, the characters sent monkies after the guards. The leader threw bombs at the part until she was killed by a sneak attack from Butterbeards companion.

Our first Online Adventure

Our first online game with Willy.

Game started as the players went back to The Hanelilius Fintch at the Brine Banshee. The players went back to meet with Dindreann. After navigating several different obstacles you went to Elliece Farhaven’s house boat. IN the house boat, the party was attacked by an imp. Farhaven was not to be found, but the PC’s found a message in a bottle and Toof found it was covered in invisible ink. The letter directed Farhaven to go to Hell arbor and to Roweena Kellet’s warehouse.
At this point the characters decided to leave the adventure and asked Dindreann for directions. She agreed if the PC’s stole an magical flagon made from a horn of a copper dragon. the PC’s agreed and store the horn making enemies with the Church of cayden cailean.
Returning to Dindreann, she directed you to Jasperleaf Apothecary in Port Paril.


Willy’s last day. Sad panda.
Here is the next. Jumping into things, you you catch up with “Milksop” Morton and proceed to ram the ship,Dryad’s Grave, as soon as possible! Fighting “Milksop” you deal with his illusions as well as his animated ship’s figurehead. At the end of the fight you received Milksop’s Ring of the Iron Skull. In addition you receive:
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Ring of protection 1
scroll of fly
cloak of resistance +1
spell book-all 0 level + 4 level 1 + 4 level 2
4 level 3+ 4 level 4
2 points of plunder (ships arsenal and personal positions)

Using the Ring of the Iron Skull you use the remains of Vargus to find the resting place of his ship called Brine Banshee.

At the Brine Banshee you find the ship in two pieces. One piece is protected by a merfold druid who you fight fought with his three sharks. You get:
+2 trident
bracers of armor +2
ornament worth 120 gp
decorative shell worth 75gp
and 95gp

The group began to search the first part of the ship. Along the way the group found:
potion of slip stream
156pp, 1486gp, 3172 sp and 781 cp
and 1 point of plunder
silver sextant worth 1000gp

After exploring the top part of the ship, the second part of the ship was much deeper in the cold dark of the sea. You cast several spells to keep yourselves alive. Along the way you fought a Giant charda. In the second part of the ship you began to explore. You found:
wand of gust fo wind 6 charges
Taldan silverware worth 450
bloodstone chess set worth
6 light ballista bolts (+1 distance adamantine)
potino of cure moderate wounds

You also killed a anemone with bones and

Lastly you fought an aboleth and found
3 points of blunder

As an extra special mission you went to the Naga coast and helped Sarlis, a naga, in her strugles with Munarei, another naga.

Good job team!


Ambushed on a reef by Valcara and her minions using a magic rope trick. Druid’s eagles and Alyndra took out a bunch of bad guys, then beeyotch went invisible and made us afraid. Then Captain Butterbeard made them afraid. Everyone but the Cap’n and the ranger abandoned ship, then Alyndra picked off the bad guys, including the bad captain, who were trying to swim away. Using the “Carve ’em up” spell, we are going to find out where their cool stuff is.

Under the water we found the Lady Sting ship (Brothel’s boat) shipwrecked. Still looking for the Brine Banshee and the Golden Vespil. Or the Golem Vespa. One or the other.

Items Found:
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Scroll of Invisibility
Scroll of Knock
Scroll of Wall of Force
Scroll of Water Breathing
Wand of Shield (20 charges)
Watertight bronze scroll case (75 gp)
Cloak of Resistance +2
Bicorn hat
Rope of Climbing

On nearby Rampore Island we found a small village where the pirates were living.

Items found:
6 points of plunder (leather, spices, timber, ship materials)
3 longboats
Alchemist Lab (here is where we decided to train Butterbeard’s goblin minions to be meth-making alchemists.)
Golden Vespil (Solid gold statue of a wasp)

Under her bunk we found:
Mithril dagger set inlaid with aquamarines (900 gp)
Shackles Insignia Flag
320 GP worth of assorted stuff

Returning to the brothel, the lady tells us to visit a scrimshander named Jaymiss Kref at Drenchport.
She also says that Heilenus Finch on Orlo Island will know more about where we can find the Brine Banshee.

Orlo Island
Unhappy place – Finch’s surgical office
Finch tells us he has this tibia from Vargus Black – an officer aboard the Brine Banshee. If we can get the Ring of the Iron Skull, we can track down the rest of Black’s body. Milksop Morton, a pirate, currently has the ring. His sloop, the Dryad’s Grave, usually is between Smoker and Shark Island, but next week he will be here. If we can accost the ship before it gets in port, we can get the ring.

Our story continues.....

All players were shanghaied by pirates on awoke on the Wormwood. Under your cruel captain, you slaved away and eventually attacked another pirate ship. As you executed most of the crew, your crew had to be split into two different groups. One group took the new ship called “A Man’s Promise” and set sail. However, you encountered a store that damaged the ship and blew you onto an island. Here you staged a mutiny and took over the ship.
The players then proceeded to take the ship to Rickety Squibs to get the ship “squibed” and rechristened the ship “Plundercats.” While at Rickety, you heard tales of “The Rock” a point of land overlooking the shipping lanes and if you could crack the rock good fortune would follow your ship. At the rock you meet Lady Agasta Smythee, the current lady of the rock. Lady Smythee agreed to marry one of the crew if you became sufficiently known. After several acts of piracy, Toof became Lord of the Rock. This was followed by several attacks on the rock. Your group repelled the boarders and went on the offensive. You hunted down the group of sea people and destroyed most of the populace spairing only the old and young.
Become well known enough, you moved on to Port Peril and now have become valid pirates in your own right…..but the story continues….

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