Plunder Cats, HO!

November 1st, 2013

Today was island cleaning.
Having returned from a long trip and slaughtering several Cheliaxians, you return to your island. You had 70 days to prepare for the Pirate Lords to arrive. You went to the swamp, where you killed a giant snake. Next you went to the eastern lagoon where you found giant crab spawning pits and a smashed harbor. You quickly ran away from these. Going South you found palm tree Ents. After promising to never cut a tree down, you continued south until you found a Sea Nymph. She was friendly and you left her alone. to the south you found a sunken ship that you looted. Then you continued to make plans for how to fix the island. The druid used handle animal to befriend the triceratops on this island giving himself a mount. You now have 69 days to ready the island.

I would like to remind you about a sunken ship/treasure vault you had heard about to the south west.


Butterbeard the Black unfolds names to know, some geography and potential plans to move forward..

“We need trade and we need Allies” * are my comments *

The Pirate Council currently includes:

Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King, master of Port Peril, captain of the Filthy Lucre

  • Captain Bad Ass with a gun and cannons. Inform him of the Chellish – describe the ship and see what he says… suggestions??

Alahandra Boisich, ruler of Chalk Harbor, captain of the Cloudbuster’s Dream

  • Unknown what she is mining for.. her slaves are well fed, cared for..

Admiral Arronax Endymion, disgraced former admiral of the Cheliax navy and master of Devil’s Arches, captain of the Tyrannous

Avimar Sorrinash, lord of Ollo, captain of the Blood Moon

  • Werewolf who is not nice…. at all… if he dies on accident… wouldn’t be that bad of a thing….

Bedu Hanji, rakshasa magus, lord of the Rampore Isles, captain of the Semudarogah

  • One way or another we take him out -- Rakasha EVIL slaver, directly to the south of us, a lot of ships/retroffiting/reselling one island slave rice farmers and another island herd, cattle slaughter houses, and another coastline butchered halflings. - Will not be easy - Need allies.

Jolis Raffles, halfing master of Slipcove, captain of the Chains of Freedom

  • Potential ally – hates slavery… but may have gone soft… has waged war in past against Rakasha Slave Lord. South of us.

Bradesmar Wache of Mediogalti, ruler of Maidenspool

Chan Ai-Huao, Jieh Hui, and Lo Shei Wen, the Wise Council of Three of Shenchu Bay, captains of Minkai’s Grace, Black Night, and Serpent’s Tongue
**Trade and Potential allies – Butterbeard to find associates from Minkai

Delemona Burie and Little Shaggard, rulers of Lilywhite, captains of the Winsom Lass and Mollusk
**Potential Friends/allies – we wished Caydeans mug back to them.

Hardluck Massey, ruler of Pex

Havalas Grudd, master of Oyster Cay, captain of the Scylla, former lover of Wide Olga

Wide Olga, ruler of Oyster Cay, captain of the Beckoning Nereid, former lover of Havalas Grudd

Hemdak Wavebaiter, ruler of Colvass Gibbet, captain of the Strange Mercy

Iolandra and Petrina Maxime, sisters, rulers of Little Oppara, captains of Lion’s Reach and Fearless Steed
****Offer Trade Partners and just west of the Rock

Longbeard, ruler of Mazdrubal

Mase Darimar, lieutenant to the Master of the Gales, captain of the Wavecrest

The Master of the Gales, ruler of Drenchport, captain of the Kraken
**Druid and general enigmatic bad-ass with a Giant Squid. Tempest Cay Island to NE of us.

Mauril Breakwater and “Baron” Venigo Papathe, bosses of Raketooth, captains of Banshee’s Wail and Water Nymph

Tessa Fairwind, Mistress of Quent, captain of the Luck of the Draw
**In line for next Hurricane King… sponsored us in the race for helping with Cheliax spies… but offered virtually no help when we were attacked… lover of Thay.

Maxevale Janis, master of Rapier Bay, captain of the Motaku Maiden
**Good captain and 2nd to Tessa on Motaku Isle “The Puppy” Might be able to make an ally.

Lady Cerise Bloodmourn, Taldan lieutenant to Tessa Fairwind, captain of the Come What May

Nisia Gbele, ruler of Vilelock, captain of the Bloody Cudgel

Panewa Oala, master of Queen Bes, captain of the Desperation
**Butterbeard to meet in the future over Besmara’s vision and take his trial at Besmara’s throne

**Also – 2 places Butterbeard plans to visit east and west of the rock – Mwange Cove and Ushinawa shogunate – neither have Council Reps and both have potential for us.. Food, Lumber, Samurai, Juju Pirates and connections.

Suggestion #1 – we need a crystal ball with telepathy to keep track of friends, foes and negotiations, and ships.
Suggestion #2 – make a giant lighthouse out of part of the cyclops fort – we could be a point of refuge off of the hurricane eye…. and better eyes to see Chelish or other foes or targets to plunder.
Suggestion #3 – oh yeah finish exploring this island and break some stones on some ships and walls for repairs and fix this place up for the coucnil’s visit in ~70 Days
Suggestion #4 Underwater friends from the past – find & open trade with the Locanth, protection from Sahaugin and share info..

Reminder #1 – use the bag and chest of holding to haul materials/goods when teleporting

Soooo begins the new month of November as Pirate Lords…
Link to just pirate council page:

October 4th 2013

After finding the island destroyed, the Plundercats decided to gear up at Port Peril. After spending a few days there, the Plundercats set sail and found three ships out shooting black smoke in the sky. The party made plains and tried to attack the middle ship, but it was an illusion. From this the group fought dark reflections of themselves. The group killed the lookout and knocked the captain out. The group then used their final wish to free all the souls in the soul knife and used it to stab the captain. You have freed your families and crew. You have 70 days till the Free Captains visit. You then returned to Port Peril and sold the knife for 100,000 gp. Here is the gear below:

Elemental Gem(fire)
potion of cure moderate wounds x 2
potion of invisibility
scrolls of protection from energy x 2
scrolls of resist energy x2
wand of burning hands
+2 rifle
cloak of resistance
headband of vast intelligence +4
ring of protection + 1

Elixir of love x 2
scroll of wall of force
masterwork rapier
masterwork shortbow w/ 20 arrows
cloak of resistance +1
Hat of disguise
headband of alluring charisma +2
ring of protection +2 jewelry (300gp)

Red Tide & A.O.D.

The party stands in stunned silence at the ruin…..

The Rock gone
Ships gone
Friends gone
Family gone
Butterbeard: “Winry” … “Map”

The gnome cohort reaches into the bag of holding and unrolls the map of the Shackles which the captain glances over and points.

Butterbeard: “At best they are 2 days out…. most likely on their way back to Cheliax or the Devil’s Arches north of Port Peril. Either way they will be going thru this channel along the main coast and will be on the east side of Motaku Isle and still south of Senchu Bay. We may be able to reach them near Sarenvent if we sail out from the Eyes.”

He looks again at the carnage that they used to call home.

Butterbeard: “Thay and Galador commune and divine whatever you can as we have little time and need information.”

Butterbeard: “Winry, in a minute take me to the top of the Rock so we can see if there are ships on the horizon. There is a chance that they are not that far off and if so we may be doing this without a ship and getting back some of what we’ve lost by air rather than by sea. My cousin once told of me of another fine use for a bag of holding…”

The former dwarf turns back toward his adventuring group that brought him back from the dead…

Butterbeard: “Plunder cats – We have 2 wishes left… I do not believe we have the power to change this but there will be retribution. None of those that burned the Rock shall live much longer… the last of Butterbeard the Gold now has passed on… I am now Butterbeard the Black. These Cheliaxians shall bleed out until the shores of the shackles are caked in their blood….” sighs and looks over to Toof “…til the tide runs red…”

The Captain pauses…

Butterbeard: “The name Plunder Cats may no longer suit us….. as we have lost over half of us and I’m not feeling much like a pirate at the moment”

Winry: “Will we be informing the General that we may need to open the package? The Latverian commonwealth was technically attacked and citizens and families murdered.”

Butterbeard: “Yes. Tell Gozer … we are now…. at War.”

The captain glances at BimBap, his goblin barbarian follower adorned with a skull mask.

Butterbeard: "Perhaps “The Army of Darkness” would be a more fitting name for us now"

September 6th, 2013

With the Cheliax fort and Cyclopes strongholds cleared, the adventurers turned to clearing the island . First you went to the harpy’s cave. On your way there you encountered several cyclopes/harpy hybrids. These monsters tried to kill you, but you deftly killed them all. You still went to the top of there base and found the remains of their former meals ©. Then, the druid used his nature spells to learn about where other cyclopes could be living on the island (). In addition, the druid found that some triceratops were left in the dinosaur corral (D). You decided to leave them alone for the time being. However, you did go to (F), to meet with the remaining cyclopes and make a deal with them to join the rest of the group. You crossed the Great stone bridge (H), and made you way closer to the mountain Aerie of some pteranodons. Deciding to rest for the day you returned to the cyclopes base and used one of the remaining wishes to create a circle of transportation to The Rock. When you got there, you discovered that the place had been completely destroyed and that Sandra, Cusswell, and the Lady of the Rock had been killed along with most of their retinue. On the smoldering remains of the keep, you see an unfurled Cheliaxian flag…

August 23, 2013

After the events of the last session, all the characters continued exploring the former Cyclopes’s base. At the base, you found a room with a large inner-room that looked like an eye. To enter Toof blinded himself with a drug. After enter the room, you were attacked by large zombie cyclops while being attacked by the Dreamstone. Continuing your exploration, you found a few storerooms full of gear. From this point, the characters entered the main courtyard and made a room by room search of the fort. In the kitchen, you found several cyclopes and in a stunning move, decided to befriend them. The cyclopes agreed to work for you in exchange for food as they are starving in on the island, but you had to clear a horrible monster out of the base first. You went into a room full of bones and fought a giant trapper. After beating it, you explored the rest of the base and then meet a marid who offered you each a wish in exchange for her freedom. Agreeing to this, you continued and then made peace with the Gargolyes. You then used the teleportation ring to go back to the human fort and contacted the phase spiders to meet with the former owner of the Dreamstone. When she appeared, she insulted the group and you decided to kill her. After killing her, you went back to the human fort, and let the ghost mage enter Butterbeard’s body to open the portal to the realm of dreams. With the ghost gone, the human fort is pacified and the Cyclopes are now friendly and will serve you. You took two days to do this. Time is slipping away, but you still have over 80 days to ready the island for the arrival of the other Pirates.
Items Found:
5 Wishes
Large +2 dagger
Sumithen coins worth 2,500gp
Irthvaval Incense x 7
net of snaring
pear of power-level 3
rod ow wonder
potion of neutralize poison,
scroll of divination
wand of summon monster IV-23 charges remaining
gold necklace-500gp
+1 glamered elven chain
bag of holding (type II)
gloves of swimming and climbing
helm of comprehend languages and read magic
oil of magic weapon
potion of lesser restoration
scroll of control water
scroll of displacement
ruby-studded scepter worth 400 gp
silver tea set worth 75 gp
gold ring worth so gp
2x diamonds worth 500 gp each
3x sapphires worth 250 gp each
8x fire opals worth 100 gp each
12 x aquamarines worth 5o gp each
1,754 gp
2, 319 sp
6, 438 cp
cloak of resistance +2
headband of mental prowess +2 (Charisma, Intelligence, Bluff),
spellbook, which contains all of his prepared spells, and all o-level spells, plus additional spells of your choice from 1st to 5th level-I will post later

July 25th

In the last game, the PCs went through a magical portal to explore another area. The group went through a portal and fought several statues. After fighting the statues, the group moved south and found a giant cyclops who beat the group and killed Butterbeard. Butterbead was resurrected by Thay via reincarnation and became a human. This took two days. After this time, the group returned to the cyclops and found several smaller cyclops and their sleeping pallets. After this room, the group moved south and found several cyclops training under the tutelage of a female cyclops

. Finnaly, the crew moved north trough the teleportation room and ending at G19. The group stopped when it felt several waves of negative energy….
It is the 12th of Sarenith, you have less then three months…
Found items-
Large masterwork hide armor
large masterwork heavy spiked wooden shield
large +1 battleaxe
Large masterwork heavy crossbow w/10 bolts
Potion of cure serious wounds X 2
large +1 hide armor
large +1 greatclub

Lost and Found – A Butterbeard Tale

Lost and Found – A Butterbeard Tale

The major players
BB: ButterBeard (Gunslinging Dwarven Captain of the Plunder Cats and Former Noble Scion of Latveria)
LTD: LT. Dan (The First Goblin Magus and 2nd in Command of the Latverian Air Force)
PYT: Patty (Hot Human Witch and trusted advisor to the Captain)
Beek: Beek (Tengu Pirate – Future follower of Butterbeard)
LY: Lord Yzerman (Half Orc Oddity – Future Cohort of Butterbeard)

Plunder Cats, Followers, and Groupees

Special Guest Stars:
Count Dooku III and Duke of Earl V

Act 1 – Prior to the Regatta in the Captain’s Quarters.
**Butterbeard crumples the formal document.

BB “Taxes!!!!! Pirates don’t pay taxes??!!”
“That violates at least 7 laws of the code…”

LTD “Yep we figured you’d say that.”
PYT “So we resigned your status as Navy Commander.”

BB “What??!!!”

PYT “And they withheld your stipend.”

BB “What??!!!
“grumble…….so much for retirement…

Sometime later -——

BB inner dialogue before sleep settles….

BB So now what do I do?
Maybe I’ll ask Besmara for guidance.
yeah like that’ll happen ~~

The next morning -——-

His trusted Lt. hands the Captain his standard 5 lb bacon breakfast sandwich

LTD: Ummm boss… ummm…
I think you may need a new alias….

The goblin pulls a mirror in front of the Captain.

BB What!!!
BB: Why is my hair black
First I lose my long lost birthright title,
then all my free spending money,
and now my luxurious golden locks and beard

BB: Give me that hat of disguise…
our crew cannot see me without trademark flowing hair.

PYT “Ummmm…. Sure sir.. whatever u say…”
LTD “Not helping”

BB I need a drink!!!.

The nervous goblin brings over a tankard of pink lemonade and a straw.

BB What!!!
No ice cubes!!

LTD Sorry sir that was in the last shipment which is still in Port Peril and confiscated by me.

BB What??!!!.

~~ Act 2 – The new path begins -———
**Somewhere onboard the Plunder Cats Flagship during the evening festivities

BB “Hmmm… r u sure this is gonna work??”
LTD ”Just get angry and it’ll help…”
LTD “Ok now hit me…”
“swooooooosh …..thuwmp”
PYT “Need another volunteer!!!”

The next day -—————————

Rocky music.(Mid life crisis identify searching).
LTD “Cmon Captain…. 1 more push up and we’ll call it a day…”
BB “ehhhhhhhhhhhhh”
PYT “he’s only done 2”
LTD “Not helping Patty”

Another day -————————

Rocky music
LTD ”U got it captain…1 more”
BB “ehhhhhhhhhhhhh”
PYT “Ok well he’s at least up to 6 now
LTD “Not helping”

And a day sometime after that -

Rocky music
BB “ehhhhhhhhhhhhh”
PYT “Just give him the Giants belt already so he can at least pretend to be in shape”
LTD “Not helping”

The last day -—————

Rocky music
BB "Give me the damn belt”

The day after that -—-

The dedicated group of followers assisting their beloved Captain in his time of mid-life crisis gathers around their role model in celebrating his grand total weight loss of 2lbs.

Group “Here is our itemized list of training costs”
BB “What!!!??”
Group “And we want an Amusement park with a waterslide”
BB "What!!!??
Group “With no height restrictions”
* Interlude ***_

Somewhere off the shore of Island of empty eyes, a pair of odd sojourners in a battered rowboat inch closer to the rocky shoreline with the fabled Plunder Cats vessel a ways off to the port side.

LY “hurlllghggpphphggp”
Beek “I still don’t understand why u want to be a pirate when u get seasick”
LY “I like the scenery and the ladies love a good dresser”
LY “hurlllghggpphphggp”
Beek “Why again are we going toward shore and not the ship?”
LY “Lady Bess gave me a sign to follow”
“And I need some land under my feet.”
Beek “Hopefully better than the last sign, I’m going to miss the Duke and the Count”
LY “hurlllghggpphphggp”
Beek “At least the Count undressed before swimming and I bet the Duke gave it indigestion. Imagine to have all but us swallowed whole by the dragon turtle… I guess that was a little luck”

The Tengu glances at the twine net and bamboo pole.

Beek “Good thing we were fishing in this boat at the time”
LY “hurlllghggpphphggp”

As the craft slowly settles onto the pebbled beach the odd pair sees another odd pair looking back at them…. One skipping rocks while the other scribbling in the sand…

LY “See. It was destiny… the lady smiles on us again”

An eerie calming of the wind and a moment of stillness surrounds the fated meeting.
divine prophecy is at hand…..

CD3 “eeeeek?”
DofE5 “squawwwk?”
Beek “you must be joking….”
LY ”hurlllghggpphphggp”

* End of interlude *

~ Final Act –—————————*

The aftermath of the Beach-head-teleportation-circle-not-so-surprise-Attack~

BB “I love it when a plan comes together”

The tiny raptor familiar brings the captain his mug, folding chair and foot stool.

Toof “Toof like being tall – Toof get to smash more”
Thay “It’s ok Rapey… the bad rocks won’t hurt u anymore”
Gala “~~Iori…. Aroden… Irori … Aroden~~"
LTD “I feel kinda like…. I died…. about 5 times”

A parchment suddenly appears on the Lt.’s lap. The goblin closes his eyes for a moment and unravels the scroll. He then sighs as he formally walks over to the Captain.

LTD “Sir it has been an honor” …

He salutes causing more dust, debris and rubble to fall off his gear.

LTD “As I was an officer in the Latvarian Air Force I must return to the Empire.”
“Your new cohort has just sent word that he has arrived.”
“But before I relay his message I have a parting gift”

The Lt. presents his former Captain with an intricate woven leather & metal fan. Along with the design plans for the future Plunder Cats Amusement Park with no height restrictions.

LTD “Every strategist needs a Minkai Minata Warfan.”
BB “Thank you Lieutenant”
“Your services and advice have been thoroughly appreciated.”
LTD “Your new cohort will have a similar item as well”
BB: “I guess I can cool myself off while drinking”
LTD “Just don’t think of anything too sharp at the time”

The fan folds and then stretches to the shape of a gruesome dagger.

Toof “coooooool”
LTD “In its natural state it will also hold your pants up.”
BB: “???”

The dagger suddenly vanishes and a sturdy belt with a tankard buckle appears around the Captain’s waist.

Thay: “Hmmmm…. a little crude but not too bad for a fashion statement, the men should like it”
BB “???”
LTD “Ahem. Now back to the message…”

The Lt. unfurls the newly arrived scroll further…

LTD “Lord Yzerman regretfully informs you that he is still recovering from his journey. However in his place has sent his new trusted valet to assist you. He was thoroughly glad to find out that you are already acquainted”
BB “already acquainted….?”
LTD “…. and is sure you will get along splendidly”
“You may refer to him formally as Count Dooku III”
BB: “wha……Count who?”
LTD “Or you may call him by his informal name of….”

The teleportation circle flashes to reveal the trusted Alendra and a tiny figure dressed in flamboyant clothing complete with a miniature rapier, feathered tricorn, and wooden sidearm…

Toof “Hi Hooty Who”
Thay “Why is she laughing??”

The Druid then smiles an evil grin as he recognizes the tiny figure…
The Lt. looks up for a moment and then back to the parchment.

Gala “…Irori.. Aroden… Irori… Aroden…”
LTD “Hmmm…that must be The Count next to her…”
“oh yes…” ahem”..
“You may also call him by his informal name of”

The peculiar creature in dazzling attire turns to face its new comrades….
…and then makes an erratic mad dash toward the group…
BB “WHAT?????!!!!!!!

…and then launches towards the captains face….

LTD “Monkey”
-————— The End -———————-

Our tale ends but the Captain will try to continue…

July Catch Up

After the discussion with the undead wizard, you continue along the underground tunnel. You come to a section that is a complete end to the tunnel. Going back up to the first level, you decided to investigate the B12 and the second floor of the building. ON the second floor, you we found a series of traps. While the group was dealing with the traps, you were attacked by Ederleign Baines. After a battle you captured him alive and took him to the ship. From there you went to B6 and found a still working forge with two sets of masterwork artisan’s tools for craft (armor) and craft(weapons).
After the forge, you went to the large tower. At the door of the large tower you fought several phase spiders With the defeat of the phase spiders and their leader, you went to the second floor the lead to the outside and the walls. On the second floor you found several cyclopes statures. You also follow down the stairs to a basement. The basement lead to a large open area connected to an old, malfunctioning teleportation circle and finally to a water filled amphitheater.
Next you went to B11 which is a mess hall. In the mess hall you fought two animated dreams which you dispatched with ease. The mess hall was connected to a kitchen that was mostly destroyed.
From the kitchen, you found an old chapel of Aroden which was infested with more phase spiders. In the chapel you found an old holy symbol of Aroden
After the chapel the PCs moved on to the wall. On the wall, you eventually went to B3 which lead to the first floor. You then went to B5 which was a ruined out building full of crawling giant hands. After the hands, the PCs moved to a ruined storeroom full of rotted goods. Sensing the place was explored the PCs rested for the night back on the ship.

The next day the PCs repaired the teleportation circle and used it to teleport somewhere else on the island. Once there, the PCs were attacked by a group of cyclops statues. Battered and beaten, the PCS ended for the night.

Item Found-
Holy Symbol of Aroden
Masterwork artisans tools X 2
potion of eat’s grace,
potion of cure moderate wounds,
potion of invisibility,
potion of remove disease,
scrollof expeditious retreat
+2 leather armor,
+1 short sword,
masterwork light crossbow with 10 bolts,
amulet of natural armor +1,
ring of protection +1,
masterwork artisan’s tools (Craft [traps]),
everburning torch,
spellbook (contains all prepared spells, all o-level spells, alarm, plus four additional 1st level spells),
spell component pouch,
masterwork thieves’ tools,
key to area B26
large +1 keen falchion x 3

Spellbooks you found
A catch-up of the books

Book 1-value =2220 gp
Level 5-mirage arcana, overland flight + dismissal, polymorph, dream, wall of force
level 4-fear, hallucinatory terrain, phantasmal killer, wall of fire + geas (lesser), secure shelter, dimention door, reduce person (mass)
level 3-hast, invisibility sphere, major image, stinking cloud, vampiric touch, explosive runes, halt undead, blink, fly
level 2-false life, fog cloud, invisibility, mirror image, rope trick, scorching ray, cat’s grace, blur, specral hand, spider climb
level 1-burning hands, color spray, grease, mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, charm person, silent image, obsuring mist, chill touch
level 0- All (20)

Book 2-value=1215
Level 4-confusion, resilient sphere, solid fog summon monster 4 + firetrap, crushing despair, invisibility(greater), dimention door
level 3-fireball, slow, stinking cloud, summon monster 3, tiny hut + wind wall, gentle repose, displacment, daylight
level 2-acid arrow, glitterdust, scorching ray, summon monster 2, whispering wind, flaming sphere, touch of idiocy, invisibility
level 1- grease, magic armor, magic missile, shield, summon monster 1, reduce person, magic weapon, true strike
level 0- All


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