Plunder Cats, HO!

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Our story continues.....

All players were shanghaied by pirates on awoke on the Wormwood. Under your cruel captain, you slaved away and eventually attacked another pirate ship. As you executed most of the crew, your crew had to be split into two different groups. One group took the new ship called “A Man’s Promise” and set sail. However, you encountered a store that damaged the ship and blew you onto an island. Here you staged a mutiny and took over the ship.
The players then proceeded to take the ship to Rickety Squibs to get the ship “squibed” and rechristened the ship “Plundercats.” While at Rickety, you heard tales of “The Rock” a point of land overlooking the shipping lanes and if you could crack the rock good fortune would follow your ship. At the rock you meet Lady Agasta Smythee, the current lady of the rock. Lady Smythee agreed to marry one of the crew if you became sufficiently known. After several acts of piracy, Toof became Lord of the Rock. This was followed by several attacks on the rock. Your group repelled the boarders and went on the offensive. You hunted down the group of sea people and destroyed most of the populace spairing only the old and young.
Become well known enough, you moved on to Port Peril and now have become valid pirates in your own right…..but the story continues….


Ambushed on a reef by Valcara and her minions using a magic rope trick. Druid’s eagles and Alyndra took out a bunch of bad guys, then beeyotch went invisible and made us afraid. Then Captain Butterbeard made them afraid. Everyone but the Cap’n and the ranger abandoned ship, then Alyndra picked off the bad guys, including the bad captain, who were trying to swim away. Using the “Carve ’em up” spell, we are going to find out where their cool stuff is.

Under the water we found the Lady Sting ship (Brothel’s boat) shipwrecked. Still looking for the Brine Banshee and the Golden Vespil. Or the Golem Vespa. One or the other.

Items Found:
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Scroll of Invisibility
Scroll of Knock
Scroll of Wall of Force
Scroll of Water Breathing
Wand of Shield (20 charges)
Watertight bronze scroll case (75 gp)
Cloak of Resistance +2
Bicorn hat
Rope of Climbing

On nearby Rampore Island we found a small village where the pirates were living.

Items found:
6 points of plunder (leather, spices, timber, ship materials)
3 longboats
Alchemist Lab (here is where we decided to train Butterbeard’s goblin minions to be meth-making alchemists.)
Golden Vespil (Solid gold statue of a wasp)

Under her bunk we found:
Mithril dagger set inlaid with aquamarines (900 gp)
Shackles Insignia Flag
320 GP worth of assorted stuff

Returning to the brothel, the lady tells us to visit a scrimshander named Jaymiss Kref at Drenchport.
She also says that Heilenus Finch on Orlo Island will know more about where we can find the Brine Banshee.

Orlo Island
Unhappy place – Finch’s surgical office
Finch tells us he has this tibia from Vargus Black – an officer aboard the Brine Banshee. If we can get the Ring of the Iron Skull, we can track down the rest of Black’s body. Milksop Morton, a pirate, currently has the ring. His sloop, the Dryad’s Grave, usually is between Smoker and Shark Island, but next week he will be here. If we can accost the ship before it gets in port, we can get the ring.


Willy’s last day. Sad panda.
Here is the next. Jumping into things, you you catch up with “Milksop” Morton and proceed to ram the ship,Dryad’s Grave, as soon as possible! Fighting “Milksop” you deal with his illusions as well as his animated ship’s figurehead. At the end of the fight you received Milksop’s Ring of the Iron Skull. In addition you receive:
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Ring of protection 1
scroll of fly
cloak of resistance +1
spell book-all 0 level + 4 level 1 + 4 level 2
4 level 3+ 4 level 4
2 points of plunder (ships arsenal and personal positions)

Using the Ring of the Iron Skull you use the remains of Vargus to find the resting place of his ship called Brine Banshee.

At the Brine Banshee you find the ship in two pieces. One piece is protected by a merfold druid who you fight fought with his three sharks. You get:
+2 trident
bracers of armor +2
ornament worth 120 gp
decorative shell worth 75gp
and 95gp

The group began to search the first part of the ship. Along the way the group found:
potion of slip stream
156pp, 1486gp, 3172 sp and 781 cp
and 1 point of plunder
silver sextant worth 1000gp

After exploring the top part of the ship, the second part of the ship was much deeper in the cold dark of the sea. You cast several spells to keep yourselves alive. Along the way you fought a Giant charda. In the second part of the ship you began to explore. You found:
wand of gust fo wind 6 charges
Taldan silverware worth 450
bloodstone chess set worth
6 light ballista bolts (+1 distance adamantine)
potino of cure moderate wounds

You also killed a anemone with bones and

Lastly you fought an aboleth and found
3 points of blunder

As an extra special mission you went to the Naga coast and helped Sarlis, a naga, in her strugles with Munarei, another naga.

Good job team!

Our first Online Adventure

Our first online game with Willy.

Game started as the players went back to The Hanelilius Fintch at the Brine Banshee. The players went back to meet with Dindreann. After navigating several different obstacles you went to Elliece Farhaven’s house boat. IN the house boat, the party was attacked by an imp. Farhaven was not to be found, but the PC’s found a message in a bottle and Toof found it was covered in invisible ink. The letter directed Farhaven to go to Hell arbor and to Roweena Kellet’s warehouse.
At this point the characters decided to leave the adventure and asked Dindreann for directions. She agreed if the PC’s stole an magical flagon made from a horn of a copper dragon. the PC’s agreed and store the horn making enemies with the Church of cayden cailean.
Returning to Dindreann, she directed you to Jasperleaf Apothecary in Port Paril.


The players went to Port Peril and Jasperleaf Apothecary. The characters learned of a secret phrase and promptly decided not to use it. The characters snuck in at night and then awoke the guards. When confronted, the character bluffed the guards by using the password. When the guards went to get their leader, the characters sent monkies after the guards. The leader threw bombs at the part until she was killed by a sneak attack from Butterbeards companion.

Adventure Catchup

At the apathacary the Plundercats looted the place and fought a cat version of the displacer beast. You found:
potion of cure moderate wounds x 8
masterwork chain shirts x 8
1 cutlass x 8
masterwork composite longbow (
3 str) + 20 arrows x8
alchemical creations = 150gp
crystal glasses = 300gp
wine (50gp) x 5
color stones/quartz = 290gp
+1 mithral chain shirt
masterwork butterfly swords x 2
cloak of resistance +2
headband of vast intelligence +2(acrobatics)
alchemist’s kit
masterwork thieves’ tools
diamond dust = 500gp
id moss x 3
pouch of dried sassone leaves x 4
6 flasks of acid
four flasks of alchemist fire
viles of antitoxin x 2
smokesticks x 3
tanglefoot x 2
thunderstones x 4
salve of slipperiness
sovereign glue
unguent of timelessness
universal solvent x 5
cosmetics = 240gp
10pp, 47gp, 20sp
wardrobes = 360gp
jewery = 215gp
elixer of hiding
elixer of tumbling
elixer of vision
feather token
50pp, 100gp

formula book-
alchemical allocation
alter self
discern lies
dragon’s breath
keen senses
perceive clues
spider climb
undetectable alignment
water breathing

After this the players went on the DECIMATE the Free Captains’ Regatta winning:
The Island of Empty Eyes
4 points of disrepute
Silver-plated manacle

Spellbooks you found
A catch-up of the books

Book 1-value =2220 gp
Level 5-mirage arcana, overland flight + dismissal, polymorph, dream, wall of force
level 4-fear, hallucinatory terrain, phantasmal killer, wall of fire + geas (lesser), secure shelter, dimention door, reduce person (mass)
level 3-hast, invisibility sphere, major image, stinking cloud, vampiric touch, explosive runes, halt undead, blink, fly
level 2-false life, fog cloud, invisibility, mirror image, rope trick, scorching ray, cat’s grace, blur, specral hand, spider climb
level 1-burning hands, color spray, grease, mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, charm person, silent image, obsuring mist, chill touch
level 0- All (20)

Book 2-value=1215
Level 4-confusion, resilient sphere, solid fog summon monster 4 + firetrap, crushing despair, invisibility(greater), dimention door
level 3-fireball, slow, stinking cloud, summon monster 3, tiny hut + wind wall, gentle repose, displacment, daylight
level 2-acid arrow, glitterdust, scorching ray, summon monster 2, whispering wind, flaming sphere, touch of idiocy, invisibility
level 1- grease, magic armor, magic missile, shield, summon monster 1, reduce person, magic weapon, true strike
level 0- All

July Catch Up

After the discussion with the undead wizard, you continue along the underground tunnel. You come to a section that is a complete end to the tunnel. Going back up to the first level, you decided to investigate the B12 and the second floor of the building. ON the second floor, you we found a series of traps. While the group was dealing with the traps, you were attacked by Ederleign Baines. After a battle you captured him alive and took him to the ship. From there you went to B6 and found a still working forge with two sets of masterwork artisan’s tools for craft (armor) and craft(weapons).
After the forge, you went to the large tower. At the door of the large tower you fought several phase spiders With the defeat of the phase spiders and their leader, you went to the second floor the lead to the outside and the walls. On the second floor you found several cyclopes statures. You also follow down the stairs to a basement. The basement lead to a large open area connected to an old, malfunctioning teleportation circle and finally to a water filled amphitheater.
Next you went to B11 which is a mess hall. In the mess hall you fought two animated dreams which you dispatched with ease. The mess hall was connected to a kitchen that was mostly destroyed.
From the kitchen, you found an old chapel of Aroden which was infested with more phase spiders. In the chapel you found an old holy symbol of Aroden
After the chapel the PCs moved on to the wall. On the wall, you eventually went to B3 which lead to the first floor. You then went to B5 which was a ruined out building full of crawling giant hands. After the hands, the PCs moved to a ruined storeroom full of rotted goods. Sensing the place was explored the PCs rested for the night back on the ship.

The next day the PCs repaired the teleportation circle and used it to teleport somewhere else on the island. Once there, the PCs were attacked by a group of cyclops statues. Battered and beaten, the PCS ended for the night.

Item Found-
Holy Symbol of Aroden
Masterwork artisans tools X 2
potion of eat’s grace,
potion of cure moderate wounds,
potion of invisibility,
potion of remove disease,
scrollof expeditious retreat
+2 leather armor,
+1 short sword,
masterwork light crossbow with 10 bolts,
amulet of natural armor +1,
ring of protection +1,
masterwork artisan’s tools (Craft [traps]),
everburning torch,
spellbook (contains all prepared spells, all o-level spells, alarm, plus four additional 1st level spells),
spell component pouch,
masterwork thieves’ tools,
key to area B26
large +1 keen falchion x 3

Lost and Found – A Butterbeard Tale

Lost and Found – A Butterbeard Tale

The major players
BB: ButterBeard (Gunslinging Dwarven Captain of the Plunder Cats and Former Noble Scion of Latveria)
LTD: LT. Dan (The First Goblin Magus and 2nd in Command of the Latverian Air Force)
PYT: Patty (Hot Human Witch and trusted advisor to the Captain)
Beek: Beek (Tengu Pirate – Future follower of Butterbeard)
LY: Lord Yzerman (Half Orc Oddity – Future Cohort of Butterbeard)

Plunder Cats, Followers, and Groupees

Special Guest Stars:
Count Dooku III and Duke of Earl V

Act 1 – Prior to the Regatta in the Captain’s Quarters.
**Butterbeard crumples the formal document.

BB “Taxes!!!!! Pirates don’t pay taxes??!!”
“That violates at least 7 laws of the code…”

LTD “Yep we figured you’d say that.”
PYT “So we resigned your status as Navy Commander.”

BB “What??!!!”

PYT “And they withheld your stipend.”

BB “What??!!!
“grumble…….so much for retirement…

Sometime later -——

BB inner dialogue before sleep settles….

BB So now what do I do?
Maybe I’ll ask Besmara for guidance.
yeah like that’ll happen ~~

The next morning -——-

His trusted Lt. hands the Captain his standard 5 lb bacon breakfast sandwich

LTD: Ummm boss… ummm…
I think you may need a new alias….

The goblin pulls a mirror in front of the Captain.

BB What!!!
BB: Why is my hair black
First I lose my long lost birthright title,
then all my free spending money,
and now my luxurious golden locks and beard

BB: Give me that hat of disguise…
our crew cannot see me without trademark flowing hair.

PYT “Ummmm…. Sure sir.. whatever u say…”
LTD “Not helping”

BB I need a drink!!!.

The nervous goblin brings over a tankard of pink lemonade and a straw.

BB What!!!
No ice cubes!!

LTD Sorry sir that was in the last shipment which is still in Port Peril and confiscated by me.

BB What??!!!.

~~ Act 2 – The new path begins -———
**Somewhere onboard the Plunder Cats Flagship during the evening festivities

BB “Hmmm… r u sure this is gonna work??”
LTD ”Just get angry and it’ll help…”
LTD “Ok now hit me…”
“swooooooosh …..thuwmp”
PYT “Need another volunteer!!!”

The next day -—————————

Rocky music.(Mid life crisis identify searching).
LTD “Cmon Captain…. 1 more push up and we’ll call it a day…”
BB “ehhhhhhhhhhhhh”
PYT “he’s only done 2”
LTD “Not helping Patty”

Another day -————————

Rocky music
LTD ”U got it captain…1 more”
BB “ehhhhhhhhhhhhh”
PYT “Ok well he’s at least up to 6 now
LTD “Not helping”

And a day sometime after that -

Rocky music
BB “ehhhhhhhhhhhhh”
PYT “Just give him the Giants belt already so he can at least pretend to be in shape”
LTD “Not helping”

The last day -—————

Rocky music
BB "Give me the damn belt”

The day after that -—-

The dedicated group of followers assisting their beloved Captain in his time of mid-life crisis gathers around their role model in celebrating his grand total weight loss of 2lbs.

Group “Here is our itemized list of training costs”
BB “What!!!??”
Group “And we want an Amusement park with a waterslide”
BB "What!!!??
Group “With no height restrictions”
* Interlude ***_

Somewhere off the shore of Island of empty eyes, a pair of odd sojourners in a battered rowboat inch closer to the rocky shoreline with the fabled Plunder Cats vessel a ways off to the port side.

LY “hurlllghggpphphggp”
Beek “I still don’t understand why u want to be a pirate when u get seasick”
LY “I like the scenery and the ladies love a good dresser”
LY “hurlllghggpphphggp”
Beek “Why again are we going toward shore and not the ship?”
LY “Lady Bess gave me a sign to follow”
“And I need some land under my feet.”
Beek “Hopefully better than the last sign, I’m going to miss the Duke and the Count”
LY “hurlllghggpphphggp”
Beek “At least the Count undressed before swimming and I bet the Duke gave it indigestion. Imagine to have all but us swallowed whole by the dragon turtle… I guess that was a little luck”

The Tengu glances at the twine net and bamboo pole.

Beek “Good thing we were fishing in this boat at the time”
LY “hurlllghggpphphggp”

As the craft slowly settles onto the pebbled beach the odd pair sees another odd pair looking back at them…. One skipping rocks while the other scribbling in the sand…

LY “See. It was destiny… the lady smiles on us again”

An eerie calming of the wind and a moment of stillness surrounds the fated meeting.
divine prophecy is at hand…..

CD3 “eeeeek?”
DofE5 “squawwwk?”
Beek “you must be joking….”
LY ”hurlllghggpphphggp”

* End of interlude *

~ Final Act –—————————*

The aftermath of the Beach-head-teleportation-circle-not-so-surprise-Attack~

BB “I love it when a plan comes together”

The tiny raptor familiar brings the captain his mug, folding chair and foot stool.

Toof “Toof like being tall – Toof get to smash more”
Thay “It’s ok Rapey… the bad rocks won’t hurt u anymore”
Gala “~~Iori…. Aroden… Irori … Aroden~~"
LTD “I feel kinda like…. I died…. about 5 times”

A parchment suddenly appears on the Lt.’s lap. The goblin closes his eyes for a moment and unravels the scroll. He then sighs as he formally walks over to the Captain.

LTD “Sir it has been an honor” …

He salutes causing more dust, debris and rubble to fall off his gear.

LTD “As I was an officer in the Latvarian Air Force I must return to the Empire.”
“Your new cohort has just sent word that he has arrived.”
“But before I relay his message I have a parting gift”

The Lt. presents his former Captain with an intricate woven leather & metal fan. Along with the design plans for the future Plunder Cats Amusement Park with no height restrictions.

LTD “Every strategist needs a Minkai Minata Warfan.”
BB “Thank you Lieutenant”
“Your services and advice have been thoroughly appreciated.”
LTD “Your new cohort will have a similar item as well”
BB: “I guess I can cool myself off while drinking”
LTD “Just don’t think of anything too sharp at the time”

The fan folds and then stretches to the shape of a gruesome dagger.

Toof “coooooool”
LTD “In its natural state it will also hold your pants up.”
BB: “???”

The dagger suddenly vanishes and a sturdy belt with a tankard buckle appears around the Captain’s waist.

Thay: “Hmmmm…. a little crude but not too bad for a fashion statement, the men should like it”
BB “???”
LTD “Ahem. Now back to the message…”

The Lt. unfurls the newly arrived scroll further…

LTD “Lord Yzerman regretfully informs you that he is still recovering from his journey. However in his place has sent his new trusted valet to assist you. He was thoroughly glad to find out that you are already acquainted”
BB “already acquainted….?”
LTD “…. and is sure you will get along splendidly”
“You may refer to him formally as Count Dooku III”
BB: “wha……Count who?”
LTD “Or you may call him by his informal name of….”

The teleportation circle flashes to reveal the trusted Alendra and a tiny figure dressed in flamboyant clothing complete with a miniature rapier, feathered tricorn, and wooden sidearm…

Toof “Hi Hooty Who”
Thay “Why is she laughing??”

The Druid then smiles an evil grin as he recognizes the tiny figure…
The Lt. looks up for a moment and then back to the parchment.

Gala “…Irori.. Aroden… Irori… Aroden…”
LTD “Hmmm…that must be The Count next to her…”
“oh yes…” ahem”..
“You may also call him by his informal name of”

The peculiar creature in dazzling attire turns to face its new comrades….
…and then makes an erratic mad dash toward the group…
BB “WHAT?????!!!!!!!

…and then launches towards the captains face….

LTD “Monkey”
-————— The End -———————-

Our tale ends but the Captain will try to continue…


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