Plunder Cats, HO!

October 4th 2013

After finding the island destroyed, the Plundercats decided to gear up at Port Peril. After spending a few days there, the Plundercats set sail and found three ships out shooting black smoke in the sky. The party made plains and tried to attack the middle ship, but it was an illusion. From this the group fought dark reflections of themselves. The group killed the lookout and knocked the captain out. The group then used their final wish to free all the souls in the soul knife and used it to stab the captain. You have freed your families and crew. You have 70 days till the Free Captains visit. You then returned to Port Peril and sold the knife for 100,000 gp. Here is the gear below:

Elemental Gem(fire)
potion of cure moderate wounds x 2
potion of invisibility
scrolls of protection from energy x 2
scrolls of resist energy x2
wand of burning hands
+2 rifle
cloak of resistance
headband of vast intelligence +4
ring of protection + 1

Elixir of love x 2
scroll of wall of force
masterwork rapier
masterwork shortbow w/ 20 arrows
cloak of resistance +1
Hat of disguise
headband of alluring charisma +2
ring of protection +2 jewelry (300gp)



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